Top In-demand Skills To Have in Canada In 2021 [Latest Update]


Top In-demand Skills To Have in 2021

Top In-demand Skills To Have – You must have heard that there are a lot of job opportunities in Canada; well that true but which of these job are in-demand in Canada? The answer to this question is why you looked up for this article.


The Canadian government has initiated a plan to welcome over 1.23 million immigrants into the country to fill up shortages in the country and contribute to the growth and development of the country. The government has also created some immigration programs to help these immigrants come into Canada provided they meet the requirements for any of the programs.

For you to immigrate to Canada easily in 2021, you will have to possess one of the skills that are in demand in the country but do you know which of these skills are in-demand? Well, that’s why you are reading this article.  

In this article, we are going to be showing you the top 10 in-demand skills you should possess in Canada. Having these skills as an immigrant will make your immigration process easy and faster.

Many of the provinces are working to economic growth and development and they are ready to nominate foreign workers that possess the skills, qualification and experience for jobs that are in demand for approval to immigrate to canada.

The Great White North is one of the best places to immigrate to in 2021 as you get to enjoy better working conditions, better quality of life and many other wonderful perks.

Top 10 Skills to Have When Looking for Work in Canada in 2021

  • Administrative Support

The administrative support workers help the executives of businesses to run day-to-day business activities like communicating with clients, arranging business meetings. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the demand for these administrative workers are now increasing as businesses need people that can communicate with clients, respond to inquiries, send emails and offer many other support for the company.

As an administrative support worker, you are expected to possess skills such as communication skill in (writing, reading, speaking and listening), time management, problem-solving skills, and technology savvy etc. your skill and experience will increase your chances of being selected to get Canadian permanent residence.

We have over 13 provinces in Canada and below are the list of provinces in Canada that need the services of an administrative worker. Knowing this will help you narrow your job search to these provinces and increase your chances of being nominated to immigrate to Canada. These provinces are Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

  • E-commerce sales

It is no news that e-commerce is taking its foot-stool in the world today and with the present in the world today, the services of professional and experienced sales personnel are needed in every part of the world including Canada.


The restriction of movement and contact by the pandemic has made it necessary for most businesses in Canada to engage in ecommerce and this even makes distribution and exchange of goods and services easier and faster. People prefer buying things online than going to stores or malls.

As a sales personnel and professional, you will need to possess skills in analyzing sales data, keeping record, marketing, communication etc. The provinces in Canada where the services of sales reps are needed are British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.


  • Customer service

For every business to grow, it will definitely need strong and capable hands to be in its customer service department. These are the people that relate and interact with the customers of a company; they give support and assist the customers making sure they are satisfied with the services or product purchased.

As many businesses are being established in Canada and most of these businesses are engaging in online sales and marketing, there is an increasing demand for these customer service representatives.

As a customer service representative, you will need to possess excellent communication skills, interpersonal relationship and time management skills. The provinces in Canada where these skilled workers are needed are Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

  • Repair

In recent times, repair and maintenance jobs have been seen as essential jobs in Canada. Most of these repair jobs are being seen as trade jobs and they are now among the in-demand jobs in Canada. These repairs could be for home properties or even offices equipment and machines and this is the reason they are needed in Canada.

They are needed in some of the provinces like Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. These people also earn competitive salaries too.

  • Scheduling

This is another job that is taking its footstool in Canada presently. Many industries and companies need people that will be able to arrange meetings, events and conferences. This will help to manage time and resources efficiently. They can work with the HR department as they also help in coordinating employees and making arrangements when it comes to rotation and shifts; this will help in efficient and effective use of limited resources.

These set of people engaged in this type of activities are in demand in Canada as they help to promote productivity and profitability of businesses.

They are needed in some provinces like British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan.

  • Budgeting

Due to the outbreak of the pandemic and also as many companies and industries in Canada are looking to bounce back from all that happened with the pandemic, some of them are slashing salaries of employees, cutting down cost on some materials and many other strategic plans to make sure things go well and fine. But these companies need people that are skilled in this area and that is why budget officers are now in high demand in Canada.

As a budget officer, you should have skills in making strategic plans, developing new and modified ways to generate and manage cash flow, predicting or forecasting future events etc. this type of job also need financial skills too.

This business and finance professionals are needed in provinces like British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador

  • Cleaning and sanitizing agents

With the outbreak of the pandemic in the world, there is a need for professionals in cleaning and sanitizing as businesses, warehouses, hotels, schools and many other organizations need the services of these workers. People in this job line need special training on how to use new and advanced technologies to carry out their duties.

They are currently in high demand in many countries and canada is no exception. They are needed in most of the provinces like Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland etc.

  • Accounting

Which company doesn’t need an accountant or chief financial officer? This job is one of the jobs that are in demand in Canada and even as years gi by, the demand will continue increasing because every company whether small, medium or large certainly need the services of an experience and skilled financial officer. They help to record business transactions, budget, forecast, set out financial plans and perform some analysis. This job is even one of the top paying jobs in Canada and so if you have this skill, you should look through the immigration programs we will be showing you below and see how you can start your immigration process to Canada.

Accountants are needed in some provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and Alberta.

  • Project management

Every growing business needs a project manager to plan, supervise, manage and ensure that projects are duly and effectively carried out and as since canada is a country with commercial cities, project managers are needed to help these businesses growth and function well.

Project managers are expected to have skills in risk management, strategic planning, communication, interpersonal relationship etc. they should also be able to work with the latest trend in technology.

They are needed in provinces like Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

  • Quality Control

Every company wants to produce goods and services that will meet the needs of their customers and that the products are up to the standard and expectations. As a quality control staff, you are expected to pay attention to every detail, good communication skill, problem-solving skill etc.

They are needed in provinces like British Columbia, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island etc.

How To Immigrate To Canada

If you have any of the following skills, you can actually immigrate to Canada through the immigration programs we will be highlighting below. One thing you should know is that immigrating to Canada has been made easy and there are some immigration programs that require a short period of time to process your application. Some of the popular immigration programs are: the Federal Express Entry System and the Provincial nominee program.

The Federal Express Entry System

This program is an online immigration program and it is one of the fastest and quickest immigration programs in Canada currently as it takes a processing time of only about 6months. The Express Entry system manages three federal immigration streams under it and these federal programs are:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program which is for foreign skilled professional workers to come fill up labour shortages in the country like engineers, doctors, teachers, software engineers, tech or IT workers etc. it has its own requirements. 
  • Federal Skilled Trades program which is for foreign trade workers who have skills in trade jobs like plumbing, carpentry, mechanics etc.
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) which is for foreign nationals that have Canadian work experience. It could be through the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFWP) or the Post Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP).

In this system, the Canadian government determines which of the federal immigration streams you are eligible for after you have filled out the information in the form. Filling the form takes only about 10 to 15 minutes and so you will have to fill your information correctly and accurately.

One sweet thing about this program is that you don’t necessarily need a job offer or work permit to be eligible.  Through this program, you can get permanent residence to live and work in Canada and so you won’t need a work permit to work in Canada.

You will be expected to create an online profile where you will fill in some requirements. These requirements are:

  • Age
  • Educational qualification
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency in English or French
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support you in Canada
  • Provincial nomination (not necessary)

You are expected to complete your profile within 60days and then you will be placed in a pool draw with other applicants and a score will be given based on the factors and information you have filled. A ranking system called the Comprehensive Ranking System is used and a CRS score is given to every applicant based on the requirements they fill during application and this is to be ranked against a CRS cut-off score.

You will be selected if you meet or exceed the CRS cut-off score and then you will receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program

This program is designed by the Canadian government to help provinces in Canada to fill up labour shortages and meet up with its economic needs. The provincial government works with the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to nominate immigrants to work and live in a particular province in Canada. The provinces only nominates the applicants from the Express Entry System, the Canadian Government will have to approve the application of the applicants.

Each province is in charge of its own nomination and sets its own requirements to meet its economic needs. Through this program, employers in any province can hire foreign skilled workers to come fill up labor shortages in the province in a bid to contribute to the growth and development of the provinces. You will just have to check if the skill or occupation you want to apply for is in-demand in the province you wish to live in and this is the case, you can proceed as it will boost you chances of being nominated. There are over 11 provincial nominee programs for all the provinces in Canada except Quebec.


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