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5 Best School Districts In South Carolina

If you have a family, one of the most significant criteria in deciding where to purchase a house in South Carolina is to live in the best school districts in South Carolina. Being in the proper place so that your kid may obtain the most outstanding education possible is critical for parents. We researched South Carolina school districts to see how they rank to assist you in choosing the best school district in South Carolina for your family.


Best School Districts In South Carolina

1. Fort Mill School District – No. 4

Fort Mill School System, formally known as York County School District 4, is a public school district in Fort Mill, South Carolina, United States. It also serves pupils from Lake Wylie and Tega Cay. The Fort Mill School District’s dedication to its “Children First, Every Day” goal is at the center of every decision made by staff, teachers, and trustees. The district works hard to ensure that programs, people, and curricula are chosen in kids’ best interests.

Putting “Children First, Every Day” has established a history of quality and demonstrable achievement in our schools. According to performance statistics, the Fort Mill School District is among the best school districts in South Carolina. The success of Fort Mill’s high schools indicates the outstanding quality of a Fort Mill School District education.

On the SAT and ACT examinations, high school students in the district outperform the state and national norms. Furthermore, high school students can participate in a demanding curriculum, with 85 percent of students getting a 3, 4, or 5 on AP examinations. In 2020, the senior classes of Fort Mill and Nation Ford high schools received more than $23 million in scholarships.

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The district mixes academics with arts and sports activities, resulting in well-rounded students with diverse interests. The Fort Mill School District is one of the smallest in the state but has the fastest expanding student population, with more than 17,000 students in 19 schools. Despite the district’s rapid growth, the schools remain the center of the community, delivering an excellent education for children while also playing an essential role in improving community life.

The school district improves the quality of life in Fort Mill by offering great academic programs for its students as well as opportunities for community enjoyment and enrichment via its arts and sports activities. AdvancED has certified Fort Mill schools. AdvancED is a global accrediting body that works with over 32,000 school districts throughout the globe. AdvancED accreditation requires school districts to fulfill high standards and procedures, maintain internal and external review systems, and demonstrate ongoing progress.

2. Lexington & Richland County School District  No. 5

Lexington & Richland County School District Five is a South Carolina school district covering about 196 square miles (508 km2), almost half of which is located in Lexington and Richland Counties. The Lexington County Board of Education established the school district in 1951. The Boards of Education moved to combine numerous smaller school systems in the Counties.

There are four more school districts in Lexington County and two more in Richland County, in addition to District Five. District Five is financially self-sufficient like the other school districts in Lexington County. The Board of Trustees is responsible for determining the operating millage within limits imposed by the State Legislature.

The school district encompasses the northern half of Lexington County north of Lake Murray and the Saluda River, as well as the northwestern half of Richland County south of the Broad River. The School District is mostly a residential area situated northwest of Columbia, South Carolina’s capital city.

District Five includes the municipalities of Irmo and Chapin. The school system is divided into three attendance zones: Chapin, Dutch Fork, and Irmo. District 5 has 13 elementary schools, 2 intermediate schools, 3 middle schools, 4 high schools, 1 Center for Advanced Technical Studies, and one alternative school.


School District Five provides educational programs that challenge and inspire critical thinking and problem solving, as well as nurture high accomplishment. The school district’s comprehensive educational program, which includes adult and community education programs, focuses on academic and personal achievement for all students from early childhood education through grade 12. To accommodate the different requirements of our students, we offer several programs.

3. Lexington County School District No. 1

Lexington School District One, sometimes known as Lexington One, is a school district in Lexington County, South Carolina, that serves the communities of Lexington, Pelion, and Gilbert. With over 3,600 staff and 31 schools, Lexington District One serves over 27,000 students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12.


17 elementary schools, eight middle schools, five high schools, and one technology center. The district also operates an alternate education services program for children on the verge of being expelled.

Lexington District One spans 360 square miles, from the shores of Lake Murray to the county’s southern boundary with Aiken County. Our district covers 48 percent of the county’s 699 square miles and is a key employer in the area. Lexington County has a population of 298,750, while Lexington One has a population of 146,675, or 49 percent of the country’s population.

World languages are taught at all levels of education, including elementary, middle, and high school. The students succeed in award-winning marching bands, symphonic bands, choral programs, string programs, and sports programs at the state and national levels. Students in Lexington District One do well on nationally normed examinations (ACT, PSAT, SAT, MAP).

The Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees meets and manages the school district’s policies and finances. They are elected to four-year terms in each presidential election. Dr. Greg Little, the current superintendent of Lexington One, was hired in 2016.

4. The Clover Park School District  

The Clover Park School District (CPSD) is the 28th biggest public school district in the state of Washington and the fourth largest district in Pierce County. Lakewood, Washington, is home to the Clover Park School District, which is situated just south of Tacoma. The district spans 68 square miles (180 km2) in Pierce County’s western region. CPSD serves communities in Lakewood and Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Harrison Preparatory School, one alternative high school, four middle schools, two high schools, and 17 elementary schools make up Clover Park (grades 6-12). Within Western State Hospital, the district also provides services for two specialist schools.

The goal of education is to provide meaningful experiences that equip students with the information and abilities they need to navigate the challenges of the present and the future effectively. The community members that make up the board of trustees for the Clover School District are devoted to educational success. The board has a formal meeting once a month to go over the district’s affairs, requirements, and issues.

5. Beaufort County School District

The Beaufort County School District teaches about 22,000 children in Beaufort County, South Carolina, USA. It is the state’s second-fastest-growing county except for individuals residing on the land of Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, which is zoned to Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) for schools in grades Pre-Kindergarten-8. It serves all sections of the county for grades K-12.

However, Beaufort County Schools serves the MCAS Beaufort site for high school and has the most pupils of any school system linked with MCAS Beaufort. The district oversees five early childhood centers, 17 elementary schools, seven middle schools, and five high schools.

The district co-manages the Beaufort-Jasper Academy for Career Excellence with the Jasper County School District and sponsored the charter for Riverview Charter School, a K-8 institution that opened in 2009. The district also runs an Adult Education alternative school where students beyond the age of 17 may receive a diploma or GED in both virtual and conventional settings.

Dr. Frank Rodriguez was appointed superintendent in July 2019. The district is controlled by an 11-member board of education composed of elected members who represent their electoral district and serve staggered four-year terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SC A Good State To Live In?

South Carolina is a fantastic place to live or retire due to its pleasant temperature and low total cost of living. According to a Retirement Living poll, South Carolina is the fourth best state in which to retire. South Carolina boasts a reduced cost of living and several lovely beaches that are warm almost all year.

Are Schools In South Carolina Good?

South Carolina has a high-quality public pre-kindergarten program but a low level of test scores and college preparation.

Is It Cheaper To Live In Sc Or Nc?

While North Carolina’s total cost of living is still lower than the national average of 100%, it is somewhat more than South Carolina’s. Furthermore, individuals in North Carolina spend less than the national average on housing, food, utilities, and transportation.


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