PharmaBiro.com is a travel and immigration platform founded by Prince, it seeks to relay information’s on immigration to Canada. On PharmaBiro, we have lots of professional writers, working tirelessly to update our readers with information on immigration and visa opportunities. The information you find here are regularly updated and been proven to be one of the best information you can find online on this topics.

We strive towards ensuring that PharmaBiro becomes the best place for immigrants to get important information needed immigrate to canada.
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Editorial Team

The editorial staff of PharmaBiro.com has a team of motivated and passionate bloggers that have a great love and interest for travel and information about travels and countries from various parts of the world. Each of our editor has deepened their knowledge from studies, experience, courses, and their field of specializations. All articles present on our website are easy to read and understandable.

Our editorial lineup reflects more on the team’s values. We are strongly on the side of personal development for both youths and older ones. We also believe in youth empowerment at all ages.

As a team, we work towards fighting discrimination of any kind and carefully select the kind of contents we upload. We also try to respond to readers’ needs without going against our principles.

My name is Ferdinand. I am the founder of PharmaBiro.com. I am a blogger, web developer, traveler, instructor and motivational speaker. I will be using this platform to relay some of the best things I have learnt throughout my career and I am hoping that my readers will be able to learn from my experience and also improve their immigration experience.

Nelly is a single and hardworking lady. Her most recent romantic affair was with her ex boyfriend who is an IT technician and popularly known as Collins onward, he was the same age as her. They ended their relationship because she was too focused on blogging than her relationship with collins.

Saeed ahmed is a digital marketing expert from Russia, a computer scientist by profession and a digital marketer by choice. Since 2013, he has developed interest in helping students and youths get a better life and also improve in their education. He is also interested in relaying information that can help the world become a better place.

Adela Rees is a 24-year-old Belgian lady who enjoys playing tennis, finger painting, and building relationships. She is loving, caring and inspiring lady with a high love for team work. Sometimes she can be very annoying and a bit rude, but doesnt let that interfere with her job. Currently, she is working as a content moderator on PharmaBiro.com.

Mary is a single mother, a project manager and blogger. She is a 35-year-old kitchen assistant who enjoys cooking, travelling, listening to love music, and extreme ironing. She is slim and very pretty, but sometimes can also be very lazy and slightly unstable.

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